Spa Treatments

Hot Stone Massage – The application of smooth heated stones across tired, tight muscles, radiates deep penetrating heat to melt muscular tension. You have not really relaxed until you have experienced the Hot Stone massage, a truly calming experience.
Deep Tissue Body Massage – A massage designed for individuals with chronic muscle tension, sore and tight muscles. Pressure is moderate to deep to help enhance circulation, relax muscle fiber, and ease movement.
Aromatherapy Body Massage – A special massage experience integrating several different massage techniques with the therapeutic benefits of a blend of essential oils to revitalize and open the senses.
Swedish Body Massage - Achieve a peaceful, relaxed state with the classic Swedish style strokes of light to moderate pressure that increases circulation and relieves muscular tension. A great choice for the over-worked and over-stressed.
Prenatal Body Massage – A special technique that is designed to keep both the mother-to-be and baby in mind. The ultimate in relaxation, a specialty nurturing massage to calm and release tension of pregnancy.
Signature Detoxifying and Slimming Treatments – In a time of increasing body awareness, our bodies are under constant attack from pollution, weather, stress, fatigue and premature cellular aging.
Parisian Body Polishing Treatment – A total body buffing with a customized formula of natural sea salt and essential oils that exfoliates the skin, leaving you with a healthy glow. A real delight for the body.
Instant Tan – Your skin is gently exfoliated and then we apply our state-of-the-art tanning treatment for a mistake-proof, natural looking tan. You will magically appear kissed by the sun.
Herbal Detox Body Wrap – Natural extracts combine with pure essence to ignite your body’s self-cleansing mechanisms. You will be in a state of balance both inside and out, your skin firm and glowing and your senses calm.